She Naturally Lost 90 Pounds In 1 Month Without Any Pain! --From Harvard Medical School

By Earl D. Brookes JUL 30, 2023
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Are you longing for a way to transform yourself like this woman and revitalize your life and experiences?

During the 14th Non-Communicable Disease Forum on Thursday 21st May in 2018, Dr. Hewetson JF from Harvard Medical School shared this real case that one of his patients naturally lost 70 pounds without any pain during his treatment for about 1 month, which gives obesity research a brand-new direction and hope.

See What Happened On Tess

When Dr. Hewetson met Tess in March 2018, she was 36, with a surprisinly lymphatic lump sticking on her neck and 240 pounds on her weight. Dr. Hewetson was greatly impressed at the first glance. But as a lymphologist, he paid no attention to her weight, because obesity is never really a problem as long as it's not a health hazard for him.

He set a specific monthly plan for her, using the newest and most powerful and effective ultrasonic machine to remove this lump, which applies the temperature compensated crystal oscillator to give ultrasound. Within 14 days, the lump got half of its original size as planned.

But Tess was totally astonished! Not at her smaller lump, but that her weight went from 307 pounds to 278  pounds during these days! And even Dr. Hewetson can hardly believe it. All health indicators are normal. That never happened during past years.

As what Tess said, she got this lymphatic lump mainly because of her wrong way to lose weight in past 7 years. She used to be fat at about 290 pounds and she tried all kinds of ways to lose those distressing fat, following a strict diet, exercising tirelessly, using various products... But she finally got herself fatter and fatter and a disordered body.

After full examination, Dr. Hewetson gave a reasonable explanation--the ultrasonic therapy dredges not only her neck to make her lump smaller, but also her whole lymphatic system, which makes her body circulation much improved and get rid of toxins from her bodies.

But Tess didn't seem so excited because she once got 20 pounds lost but soon got back in a month. She just focused on her lymph lump treatment, which was all she want. The next half of the month, she just accepted the rest therapy and pay no attention to her shape.

What makes all unbelievable, her lump went away successfully, taking her 70 pounds together. When the therapy went to an end, she was 237 pounds!

Harvard Made it Further

Right after the forum, Harvard University took it seriously to use ultrasonic lymphatic therapy into losing weight and getting a well-cycling body, with decision to set up a special project, cherishing the possibility to give people a easier and lighter life.

On May 28th, Harverd allocated $50,000,000 towards this project named "LymphSlim" investigating the potential adverse effects of ultrasonic therapy and treatment methods on losing weight.

Dr. Hewetson assumed the responsibility of the main charactor in charge of the team with his erudite knowledge, rich clinical experience for 13 years and experience in following up the case.

The direction of next step is very clear, the problem in front of them as well. After all, the most advanced ultrasonic device cannot be used beyond lymphatic diseases and it remains to be proved that if neck is the most effective part of dredging.

● Stabler & Safer Material

To create a more user-friendly therapy, they conducted experiments using various materials to produce ultrasound waves. Ultimately, they discovered that the same material used in Tess's ultrasound device - Piezoelectric Crystal - produced the best results.

To make the therapy more suitable for daily use and safe for the body, they replaced the temperature compensated crystal oscillator with an oven controlled crystal oscillator, which delivers more stable and secure ultrasound waves through the main body.

● "Neck" as The "Fortress"

Lymphatic system is spread throughout body, with most people having 500-700 lymph nodes scattered throughout bodies. But there must be a specific part of body which can give results most effectively. 

The team started with feet, which is most common in ancient therapy. Ultrasound did change the disordered lymph, but it was too far away from nerve center to make sense absolutely and quickly. 

After all parts tried, they still went back to neck according to data, which is actually the necessary road of lymphatic circulation. But even the most effective part took about 1month because of human's body cycle period.

Finally after a year and half, they finished this neck-wearable product on September 6th in 2019, which can unblock the lymphatic system by gradually emitting ultrasound without accepting full therapy from the troublesome ultrasonic machine.

LymphSlim™ Helps Most of Us

Most of the weight loss methods are carried out under the premise of external interventions, and once the interventions stop, the weight loss will rebound, and all the efforts will be wasted or even fatter than before.

Ultrasound Therapy Can Make It-Experiment Gives Trust

With experiments among the 10000 volunteers in 1 month, the data is basically shocking--98.59% of them got at least 20 pounds during this period without doing any exercise and limited diet, and all health related lost incatditors is going well.

And the biggest change happened on Anna, who got 90 pounds lost just during those 30 days! 

This surprising success gives Dr Hewetson's team great excitement to help with changing people's health conditions so they applied this project to make LymphSlim™ ultrasonic lymphatic natural body shaper enter into market.

To enhance the treatment's effectiveness, they adjusted the device strength to penetrate and break down fat cells, for quick absorption of natural ingredients and body cleansing that can help with:

Reduces Fatigue

No Sagging Skin 

Improve Blood Circulation

Prevent Lymphatic Blockage

Increase Energy

Since the lymphatic body shaper finished promoting on May 15th in 2020, they hired a professional team to track the results of users in case anyone got uncomfort from it for at least a half year. Fortunately and promisingly, this product generally suitable for the public.

Millions of users have gained benefits from it!

So many successful examples give Dr Hewetson's team great confidence to recommended LymphSlim™ to the public to solve their obesity issues and return to confident life, not just for getting beauty and slim in a no-waiting period, but also for their better health and absolutely no rebound effect!

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